APOLOGIE is a free brand! Joyous and uninhibited, she likes girls who are moving forward, such a joyful Parisian. Through its collections, Olivia Cognet wishes to impose its colored view of life, cheerful, optimistic, enthusiastic and with a dash of humor. The tireless and exclusive Apologie binomial acquires an optimistic energy that will make you see life in colors Apologie! Sparkling Parisian shoes


What did you dream of becoming when you were a kid?

Indiana Jones, for the adventure and action!

How did you start?

I started very early at the age of 21 when Jean Charles de Castelbajac spotted me for my own illustrations that I sold in small fashion boutiques. But I wasn’t too keen on abstract drawing unapplied to objects… 6 months after having started my first job, I found myself entrusted with the brand’s entire accessory lines. It was here that I learnt the shoemaking trade since we had worked with the Charles Jourdan and Robert Clergerie factories.

How would you describe yourself?

Joyful - unifying

How did you build your team?

I know all too well that the establishment and the running of a company are two elements that are not compatible. As soon as Apologie was founded I went into partnership, I do not see a fashion house without our two profiles. I like working with Sophie Viot Coster, together we are stronger faced with entrepreneurial issues, our energy is boundless. We have shared values, but each of us has know-how in her specific field… together we form an explosive, dynamic duo. Apologie is henceforth embodied by our girl tandem.

What is your take on fashion? What do you want your products to say?

Say Hello ! Shoes that are full of life to brighten up feminine silhouettes and that bring joy from the ground upwards.

Who inspires you? What moves you?

Surrealism Films from the 1960s and musicals with women dancers, Jacques Demy, the wizard of Oz, Cyd Charisse, Bob Fosse, Sweet Charity Models in shoemaking : Perugia, Ferragamo, Hellstern, Tokyo Kumagai.

How would you describe your brand?

"Sparkling Parisian shoes" - A shoemaker and accessories that accompany shoes like a minaudière, a jewel. A positioning in the « contemporary » segment with the aim of moving towards the « Advanced Contemporary » segment. A specialist’s brand, well worn : a Parisian shoemaker with inspiration. One that offers shoes for working and going out in, easy-to-wear shoes, accessible in spirit and use : « From breakfast to party ». Apologie is Cinderella’s brand : the proof that a pair of shoes can change your life.

What part of your life influences your designs the most?

My childhood, my 30th year.

Is traveling regularly an important aspect of your creative process?

Of course! To refresh the mind and take a necessary step back from Paris, to be able to appreciate the city and its inspiration once again!

What was the last place that really fascinated you?

Generally nature and its breathtaking landscapes.

Would you say that you created your brand by following your instinct?

Obviously… if it had been for money I would have done something else

What is the main challenge that your brand is facing today?

Sales development!

What was the IFM diagnosis on the management of your brand?

To be a stronger brand, one with a stronger identity – to assert market positioning – to develop sales

On what aspects did IFM help you?

Communication – Networks – Expert advice – Internal organisation

What is the next step for your brand?

A new line of shoe jewelry. Sumptuous!

Where do you see yourself in 5 or 10 years?

A beautiful major shoe company with numerous boutiques around the world. And above all, many women on the streets wearing our shoes.

Would you ever consider working for other brands?

This is already the case as I am the Artistic Director for Stéphane Kélian among others…

Any advice you can share with young designers who dream of starting their own brand?

Start first of all from within major companies to learn the trade and build your industrial network before walking into the lion’s den

Any message to potential investors or buyers?

Let’s make an appointment!