BONASTRE is a Parisian contemporary brand of sumptuous vegetable leather bags and accessories for Men and Women. Its minimalistic and pure design have been exclusively handcrafted and give the best tribute to the discretion in Luxury.

The wonder of the handmade and know-how of a Spanish manufacture, the creative contemporary reinterpretation of tradition, the construction modeled on the modern architecture (Oscar Niemeyer, Tadao Ando...) and industrial design, the uniqueness of each item and a desire for things that will last: these are the brand’s main inspiration, not to forget the aesthetics of the object.

Therefore a BONASTRE bag is radical in its purity, voluptuous in its effects and nonchalant in its looks, to finally go straight to its essential role: the function.

What did you dream of becoming when you were a kid?

In the 1980s, when I lived in Barcelona with my parents whose friends paraded in and out of their home… cheerful and eccentric personalities, with the Movida movement in full swing. Their nutty style fascinated me… this universe widened my scope of possibilities. Torn between 2 different professional projects: architecture or cosmetic surgery… fashion became an obvious choice in the end… along with making bags from skins!

How did you start?

Logically, I got into the Fashion University in Madrid and obtained a Master’s in Image and Marketing applied to Luxury. I started in Paris in 1997 at Lacroix Haute-Couture, then Montana - where my passion for leather revealed itself. I also worked in Women’s Ready-To-Wear, as Designer, Image Director and Artistic Director successively.

How would you describe yourself?

I am discreet but combative, secretive and curious, modest and cheerful, dreamy and bold, intuitive and an aesthete, generous… a surfer and keen on alternative rock, I love nature but feel definitively urban...

How do you like to work?

In shadow and light, dreams and down-to-earth, ying and yang, creation and logistics. Each season we work on doubt in particular, we call everything into question.

What is your take on fashion? What do you want your products to say?

Space is becoming a luxury in our modern world. A bag is voluminous, transportable space that we use to gather our intimacy. In my creations there is strong, rational conceptual thought on volume and behaviour of material in space. From then on it is a matter of accuracy of the concepts that generate beauty. I showcase plant leather, raw and natural skin upon which, like a surgeon, I draw and imagine the outline of these creations. And last of all, it is the wonder and the technique behind what is hand-made in a traditional workshop that puts forward values and projects an ancestral leather goods culture into modernity.

Who inspires you? What moves you?

I am passionate about industrial design or minimalist artwork by architects such as Oscar Niemeyer or Tadao Ando. I admire the creative breeze of legendary couturiers: Balenciaga, Madeleine Vionnet… and the conceptual approach behind avant-garde Japanese fashion: Junya Watanabe, Rei Kawakubo, Yohji Yamamoto.

How would you describe your brand?

A minimalist and uncluttered style that respects our planet, dictated by the search for simplicity and aestheticism. The final model claims to be radical in its purity, voluptuous in its volume and nonchalant in its look, to serve only the ultimate and essential aim: its purpose. I have a firm permanent technical stance and a vital architectural drive, where material and construction interlock and form the pattern of collections.

What part of your life influences your designs the most?

States of contemplation and extreme curiosity.

Is traveling regularly also an important aspect of your creative process?

I thrive on Japan or New York. But Paris is a melting pot of cultures, of influences and of arts. Here we find a convergence of cultures shown in the avant-garde prism. It is also a reference for beauty, elegance, glamour and consequently excellence and know-how of a whole chain of creation and craft trades.

What was the last place that really fascinated you?

Tokyo and its multitude of inhabitants but where one feels respected as an individual. A city with a unique energy.

Would you say that you created your brand by following your instinct?

As a designer, instinct is an essential sixth sense. Instinct, to dare and the desire to seduce….

What is the main challenge that your brand is facing today?

To help it grow...

What was the IFM diagnosis on the management of your brand?

The brand must initiate a new phase of development: create a finance plan for the 5 coming years and find the means to put it into place.

On what aspects did IFM help you?

I created my brand and I financed it single-handedly. IFM’s support was welcome. The team of consultants at IFM enabled me to open up the brand’s perspectives and vision by showing me the path to follow for its development. This team of professionals managed to put their finger on the strengths to build on and the weaknesses to improve upon.

What is the next step for your brand?

To find funding to reinforce sales strategy by recruiting a developer, to revamp sales points and the website. The brand’s future will require the opening of sole proprietorship boutiques, online, in Paris and in international capital cities.

Would you ever consider working for other brands?

I occasionally step in as freelance designer-creator with potential production follow-up for creation of collections for brands, most recently Aston Martin.

Any advice you can share with young designers who dream of starting their own brand?

Have your own project: don’t do what others are doing, as that has already been done. Know how to surround yourself with the right people and listen to your instinct...

Any message to potential investors or buyers?

Welcome to BONASTRE! The product is exceptional and we have exceptional clients. What is more, we have a global and long-term vision of the brand.